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Proficiency in the local language is of utmost importance when you want to be successful in your career while living in a foreign country. At Loreley, our faculty with decades of experience in living and working abroad will guide you on your path to success.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak German? Join us and learn from our experienced faculty!

Learn German!

Going to Germany to study, work or on business? Our classes will prepare you for academic and career success. We offer Goethe Institut A1, A2, B1 and B2 exam preparation classes as well as courses for casual and business learners. Classes available in Ernakulam and Kottayam.

Intensive courses

In a hurry to join your University or work abroad? We offer special intensive courses of 2 and 4 weeks duration. Special preparation classes in Maths, Physics and Chemistry are offered for students joining Universities in Germany.

Cultural Training

Be it a business negotiation, successful intermingling in the workplace or a student group, knowledge of cultural norms and practices is essential. We at Loreley offer deep insights into the cultural and working enviornments in Europe, North America and East Asia.